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Top 7 Generative AI Services & Vendors in 2023 In particular ‘Glo’ – Globality’s innovative AI-based technology – is designed for autonomous sourcing, provdiing ‘delightful user experience’, ‘intelligence’, and ‘data driven insights’. Bardeen is an AI automation tool built to enhance your productivity and save time. And this year, 2023, Bardeen introduced OpenAI automations for […]

12 Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance An AI Assistant helps insurance firms prevent the likelihood of this kind of negative experience. Conversational AI can assist underwriters by analyzing large volumes of data and providing insights into potential risks and hazards. By automating the underwriting process and providing real-time insights, conversational AI can help […]

The role of artificial intelligence in robotics Intelligent robots in healthcare accelerate surgical processes and patient outcomes. AI robots perform various tasks on hospital premises, from the distribution of equipment and patient assistance to performing surgical procedures. For example, the Dexterous Hand by Shadow Robot is an advanced robotic arm trained using reinforced learning to […]


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